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Case Study 1: SAM & PeriOp Insight

Improving quality through a real-time & data driven closed-loop learning system

at a mid-sized east coast hospital (~40,000 cases annually)

The mission of Perimatics is to transform perioperative care through a smart learning system that improves quality of care and compliance. The system provides point of care decision support and drill down data transparency to facilitate digital quality improvement through closed-loop learning and action.

Needs Expressed:

  • Improve data quality

  • Improve data visibility

  • Improve quality of care

  • Improve compliance

Benefits Realized:

  • Improved data integrity and quality

  • Improved real-time data visibility and insights

  • Close adherence to hospital protocols led to improved quality of care and outcome

  • Improved compliance to regulatory requirements

Problem Statement

The client implemented a Perioperative Information Management System (PIMS) with goals to improve ease and accuracy of documentation, improve compliance and quality of care. Though the PIMS improved ease and clarity of documentation, many of the desired clinical and operational goals were unrealized. PIMS could not assist providers in delivering the highest  quality care and only offered limited and retrospective data analytics capabilities leading to poor visibility of care and operations.

SAM & PeriOp Insights

Perimatics implemented a closed-loop learning system utilizing SAM (a real-time point of care decision support engine) and PeriOpInsights (drill-down analytics) built on top of the Perimatics Perioperative Data Platform (PDP) to measure adherence to clinical protocols and track compliance. The system allows continuous learning of care delivery while providing guidance to improve quality. Through a closed-loop cycle of learning and intervention digital quality improvement was effectively achieved and is continuously refined.

QUOTE FROM EDDIE - PeriOp Insights

"Perimatics brought a combination of clinical and technology expertise that helped us realize true value from our Perioperative Information Management System. They worked hand-in-hand with us, providing solutions that not only answered our organizations most pressing questions, but also empowered us to take the next step in improving our quality & compliance while also capturing additional revenue"

Resulting Quality Improvements:


Timely Antibiotics:



Hyperglycemia Treatment



Nausea Prophylaxis




Controlled Drug Reconciliation


SSI Reduction


Nausea Reduction


Documentation Compliance

Resulting Billing Improvements:

Additional Time Units Billed

+321 Per Month

$213,000 In Additional Annual Charges

Additional Invasive Line Capture

+36 Per Month

$116,000 In Additional Annual Charges

Resulting Compliance Improvements:


Records Finalized Within 24 hours




Post-Anesthesia Evaluation Compliance



Documents with Key Compliance Errors


Controlled Drug Reconciliation


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