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PeriOp Optimizer


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Maximizing Income and Improving Surgical Outcomes

What is PeriOp Optimizer?


PeriOp Optimizer offers data science solutions to optimize usage of perioperative resources such as operating rooms and recovery areas. Opportunities for cost reduction in surgical supplies are automatically determined as well as forecasts for supplies for optimal supply chain management.

Why do customers use it?

  • Accurate prediction of surgical resource utilization

  • Optimal surgical blocks & schedule

  • Actionable insights to reduce supplies cost and waste

  • Accurate forecasts of supplies use

Improved efficiency

  • Improved utilization of Operating rooms and recovery areas

  • Improved patient throughput, fewer delays

  • Better planning of clinical resources

  • Reduced variance in surgical supplies use

Reduced Waste

  • Optimal block utilization to reduce unused resources

  • Reduced overtime costs

  • Reduced waste of surgical supplies during surgery

  • Optimized procurement to reduce waste

Greater satisfaction

  • Lesser wait times

  • Fewer unanticipated overtime cases

  • Better patient satisfaction

  • Better employee satisfaction

PeriOp Optimizer

“ ….. PeriOp Optimizer is deployed at a large academic medical institution in Seattle…….it has cut the number of surgeries that run over their scheduled time by 20 percent, a result that could save a hospital $1 million a year in staff overtime alone.….."

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