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Transforming Perioperative care through AI and Cognitive Science

What is PeriVision?


A patient focused dynamic perioperative end to end surgical life cycle monitoring and management system that employs real-time data science algorithms. It helps prepare for surgery with reduced risk for complications and improved efficiency. On the day of surgery PeriVision enables intelligent, real-time tracking of patients and resources. AI driven anticipatory guidance assists the perioperative team foresee operational issues in patient flow and resource management before they happen so that proactive steps can be taken in real-time to avoid bottlenecks and delays.

Why do customers use it?

  • AI enabled end to end monitoring and management of surgery patients

  • Better perioperative quality of care

  • Improved perioperative efficiency

  • Real-time visibility of patient flow

  • Real-time proactive avoidance of bottlenecks and delays

  • Improved patient & employee satisfaction

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Better quality

  • Machine learning risk predictions

  • Predictive decision support

  • Risk predictions allow safer and optimal clinical planning

  • Predictive real-time decision support allows proactive steps to avoid adverse events

  • Real-time feedback allows real-time actions

Improved visibility

  • Real-time patient tracking

  • Real-time resource tracking

  • Real-time forecasts

  • Real-time tracking allows clear visibility of patient and resource status.

  • Real-time forecasts highlight directional changes to patient flow

Higher efficiency

  • Machine learning real-time operational predictions

  • Optimization algorithms

  • Real-time automated alerts

  • Operational parameter predictions and optimization allow efficient use of perioperative resources

  • Real-time predictions provide anticipatory guidance

Delivers intelligence-in-motion to the perioperative journey of a patient for better outcome and efficiency.
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