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Supplies Analytics Automator


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Transforming Perioperative care through AI and Cognitive Science

What is Supplies Analytics Automator?


Supplies Analytics Automator is a surgical supplies analytics platform that employs robotic algorithms and machine learning (ML) models to automatically determine opportunities for cost reduction in surgical supplies. It also forecasts supplies usage for optimal supply chain management.

Why do customers use it?

  • Automated analytics saves time

  • Actionable insights to reduce supplies cost and waste

  • Accurate forecasts of supplies use

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Reduce cost

  • Determine inter-surgeon variance

  • Identify contributing supply items

  • Identify cost trends

  • Standardize surgical supplies use to reduce variance and cost

  • Identify cost increments through trend analysis, encourage reduced usage

  • Negotiate contracts to curtail cost increase

Reduced waste

  • Identify unused supplies

  • Identify supply overstocking

  • Identify supply understocking

  • Adjust surgery supplies cart to reduce waste

  • Procure optimal supply package sizes to reduce waste

Better procurement

  • Track supply usage

  • Forecast supply usage

  • Adjust procurement to reduce waste

  • Optimize procurement to reduce overstocking and understocking

  • Accurately budget purchase of supplies

Supplies Analytics Automator

Supplies Analytics Automator automatically determine cost saving opportunity worth $750,000 in an large academic medical center in Seattle. Variances in supply use for the same surgery and year to year cost differentials at surgeon and supply item levels were highlighted to formulate actionable steps.
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