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Maximizing Income and Improving Surgical Outcomes

What is MediVision?


MediVision is a real-time technology to facilitate accurate reconciliation of medication use and close surveillance of controlled substances. It employs real-time data integration and advanced analytics to produce accurate reconciliation of controlled drugs. AI based data science highlights patterns of handling control substances and potential risk for diversion.

Why do customers use MediVision?

  • Accurate drug reconciliation

  • Smart controlled drug surveillance

  • Process automation

  • Data transparency

  • Reduced drug waste

  • Better documentation compliance

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Process Automation

  • Data integration of drug use & transactions

  • Artifact annotation and data cleaning

  • Automated reconciliation algorithms

  • Handling of exception cases

Smart analytics & Decision support

  • Self-audit drill down tools

  • Drug reconciliation trend analysis

  • AI data science to highlight diversion risk

  • Decision support for improved documentation

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