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What is RevMax?


Perioperative billing is closely linked to documentation gathered preoperatively, intraoperatively, and postoperatively. However, in the chaos of the perioperative environment, documentation for billing is secondary to patient care. Missed or incomplete documentation errors leads to challenges in billing: leading to lost charges, delays in billing, and large manual effort in submitting charges. RevMax integrates with multiple EHR and billing systems across the institution, compiling an accurate picture of each case for billing.


RevMax provides a convenient billing application for coders to work in with convenient data presentation, machine-learning based coding recommendations, and automatic timing and billing modifier identification. RevMax also provides decision support notifications to providers, ensuring documentation is done in a timely and accurate fashion. Finally, RevMax offers a comprehensive analytics dashboard for billing management and administration purposes.


Why do customers use RevMax?

Aggregate billing data from disparate sources and present decision support, empower billers to shorten revenue cycles, capture additional revenue, and gain crucial administrative transparency into perioperative billing.

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