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Our mission is to develop technology that betters healthcare for both provider and patient.

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We're Perimatics, a company founded in 2017 with the purpose of using cutting edge technology to optimize the healthcare space.


Our first product was the Smart Anesthesia Manager (SAM), a real-time perioperative quality of care product capable of monitoring procedures and notifying attending anesthesiologists of missed steps. SAM is now functional in 10 hospitals and has been used in over 1,000,000 procedures nationwide.

We heard from clients that billing and administration is an ongoing and prohibitive overhead in the healthcare system. We've built RevMax as a way to streamline the billing process and use AI to reduce the manual workload in case review.

Our latest offerings are MediVision and our Surgery Optimizer: both further examples to our integration of AI into the healthcare space. MediVision allows our clients to reconcile controlled substance usage, while the Surgery Optimizer allows for 3 stage optimal surgical scheduling: from service line block allocation to individual case time-of-day appointments.

We will continue to serve novel technology solutions to our diverse set of clients in the healthcare space. Please feel free to reach out to us: we are happy to demonstrate how our products can help your patients!

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