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PeriOp Insight


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Maximizing Income and Improving Surgical Outcomes

What is PeriOp Insight?


PeriOp Insight is a real-time, end to end business intelligence system that tracks revenue, quality, and efficiency of perioperative care. It leverages a real-time AI perioperative data platform, to compute key performance indicators, associate outcomes and deliver transparent visualizations at your  fingertips.

Why do customers use it?

  • Data transparency

  • Real-time data visibility

  • Real-time insights

  • Easy of use

  • HIPAA compliant

Better quality

  • Real-time tracking of quality

  • Key performance indicators

  • Actionable feedback to improve quality

  • Improved adherence to clinical guidelines

Improved visibility

  • Visualizations for data transparency

  • Multilayer data presentation provides deep insights

  • Easy drill-downs to identify key issues

  • Real-time information updates

Higher revenue and efficiency

  • Clear, end to end view of revenue & efficiency

  • Customizable metrics

  • Identifies opportunities for improvements

  • Real-time trends of efficiency metrics

PeriOp Insight complements Smart Anesthesia Manager (SAM) decision support

….. PeriOp Insight complements the real-time decision support provided by SAM. It allows you to track quality of care and efficiency key performance indices and patient outcome in real-time. While SAM provides a real-time intervention tool, PeriOp Insight provides a real-time evaluation tool to assess the effectiveness of interventions ….."

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