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Perioperative Data Platform

What is the perioperative data platform?


The perioperative data platform serves as Perimatics’ data warehouse. The data platform ingests data from custom interfaces written against a variety of data sources in a hospital environment, including various EMR systems and ancillary systems. During ingestion, data normalization and artifact correction is performed. Perimatics process automation, decision support, and smart analytics are powered by data in the perioperative data platform. The perioperative data platform gives us significant agility in addressing the constantly evolving needs of the perioperative space as we are able to ingest data without relying on our clients already strained resources.

What is PeriOp Insights?

PeriOp Insights allows our customers direct access to their cleaned, processed, and augmented data in the Perioperative Data Platform using the powerful and flexible business intelligence tool PowerBI. Using PowerBI allows us to quickly and effectively design and customer reports for each client.

Why do our customers use PeriOp Insights?
  • Easy access to the comprehensive data that powers Perimatics’ products

  • Agile report development

  • Access to Perimatics clinical & technical expertise in assessing gaps identified by reporting


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