Smart Anesthesia Manager (SAM)


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Maximizing Income and Improving Surgical Outcomes

What is Smart Anesthesia Manager (SAM)?


SAM is a real-time, point of care, decision support system used in the operating room during surgery. It seamlessly interfaces with an Anesthesia Information Management System (AIMS) through a real-time AI data platform and applies sophisticated decision logic to help anesthesiologists deliver safe and high quality care, while improving compliance and revenue.

Why do customers use SAM?

  • Better quality of care

  • Safer patient care

  • Easier patient management

  • Higher efficiency

  • Lower medical waste

  • Lower medicolegal risk

Better quality & Safety

  • Reminders for clinical tasks

  • Alerts for unsafe scenarios

  • Protocol & handoff guidance

  • Improved adherence to clinical protocols

  • Fewer complications and better outcome

Higher efficiency

  • Point of care communication tools

  • Faster OR turnover

  • Efficient patient transfers

  • Reminders to reduce medical waste

  • Lower environmental impact