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November 16, 2017


Perimatics spins off from UW COMOTION® and licenses SMART ANESTHESIA MANAGER

New company to focus on adding real-time guidance and predictive analytics to make perioperative care personalized and efficient

Bellevue, WA, November 16, 2017– Perimatics spun off from CoMotion at the University of Washington and signed an exclusive license agreement for the Smart Anesthesia Manager (SAM) software. For the first time, Perimatics uniquely combines the power of predictive analytics and business intelligence with the industry leading decision support capabilities of SAM to exponentially improve care and management in a surgery setting. While the real-time guidance provided by SAM at the point of care greatly improves quality of care, business intelligence provides deep insights to improve operational efficiency. Combining this with process optimization delivered through predictive analytics, Perimatics empowers hospitals and surgical care teams to deliver the safest care efficiently. Hospitals are able to realize significant ROI through benefits that accrue to patient safety, quality of care, billing and compliance, and operating room efficiency.

"SAM improves quality of care by providing insightful, real-time, protocol guidance for glucose management, antibiotic administration, and PONV prophylaxis. The decision support by SAM has also led to better revenue capture and significant improvement in documentation accuracy. The messages are accurate, relevant and non-intrusive. I strongly recommend SAM to other institutions that use AIMS.", said Dr. Alan Artru, Chief of Anesthesia, University of Washington Medical Center.

“SAM is a proven technology tested in 5 hospitals with over 400,000 uses. It adds $1.2M annually to the bottom line at UW Medical Center through better patient safety, quality of care, revenue capture and waste reduction“, said Dr. Bala G. Nair, key innovator of SAM and a Research Associate Professor in the Department of Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine at UW.

“CoMotion, UW’s collaborative innovation hub, is proud to work with professionals like Dr. Kalyani Velagapudi and Dr. Bala Nair on core technology that uses predictive analytics to improve perioperative care,” said Vikram Jandhyala, Vice President for Innovation Strategy at the University of Washington, and Executive Director of CoMotion. “CoMotion’s Innovation Development team helped the research team bridge the gap between research and spinout through support ranging from validation of the technology through licensing to beta-users, to proof-of-concept funding from the CoMotion Innovation Fund and a Coulter Foundation grant, as well as licensing support, and access to expert advice.”

 “We are excited to be licensing this technology that has such significant potential for optimizing perioperative care and reducing overall healthcare costs,” said Dr. Kalyani Velagapudi, President and Co-founder of Perimatics. “The UW CoMotion® staff has been a great partner in this process -- providing invaluable and ongoing advice, and helping during each step of the technology licensing process.”

Perimatics is a part of the US Microsoft for Startups program. They have been invited into the program for high growth Startups and are being advised by Microsoft for Startups leader, Jim Brisimitzis. 

“The healthcare industry is on path to reinvent itself due to everchanging government policies, demands for higher patient care, and an influx of new innovations and technology. From my first meeting with them, I saw an opportunity with Perimatics that I knew would enable a digital transformation of patient care platform for the future. Their early pioneering work speaks volumes to the impact they have yet to realize. More important is helping care providers get the data insights they need to deliver the highest standards of patient care while lowering costs.” said Jim Brisimitzis, Microsoft for Startups leader.


About Perimatics

Perimatics focuses on optimizing surgery variables to benefit the patient and the hospital through advanced data analytics and decision support. It is a partnership of Winigent, CoMotion at the University of Washington , and Microsoft for Startups. You can learn more about Perimatics by visiting


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