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Surgical Care Transformed by AI and Smart Data

Maximizing Income and Improving Surgical Outcomes

Reduced Complications
Decreased Expenses

Affordable closed-loop optimization of surgical care

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  • Learn: Continuous, real-time learning of care delivery through data transparency and AI driven analytics

  • Act: Point of care assistive intelligence to effect change and robotic process automation to reduce effort and waste

  • Measure:  Key performance indicators to continuously measure actions and make appropriate refinements to optimize the processes

Surgical Care Solutions 


Maximizes revenue & accelerates AR


Accurate reconciliation of medication use

Real-time Perioperative AI Data Platform built on EMR high fidelity data 

Benefits realized by current customers

Quality and Outcome

Adherence to best practices

  • 23% better timely antibiotics

  • 36% better glycemic management

  • 31% better nausea prophylaxis

  • 28% better adequate reversal

  • 57% better lung protective ventilation

Patient safety metrics 

  • 16% less postoperative nausea

  • 42% less hypotension

  • 57% less gaps in bp monitoring

  • 18% less PACU hypothermia

  • 45% less PACU opioids with epidural

Billing and Compliance

Revenue capture

  • 3-4% increase in annual charges

  • 5-8 days less to bill

  • 19% more accurate coding

  • 35% reduced effort for billing


  • 31% improved compliance

  • 99% preoperative evaluations

  • 95% postoperative evaluations

  • 99% finalization of records in 24 hrs

Pharmacy and Operations

Controlled drug reconciliation

  • 100% data visibility

  • 45% less reconciliation errors

  • 70% less labor

Operational efficiency

  • 16% less overtime procedures

  • 51 min/day better OR utilization

  • 24% more efficient ICU handoff

  • Waste reduction of 21% in use of anesthetic agents

Over 1,000,000 surgeries benefitted from our solutions


Dr. Gene Peterson, Former Vice Dean for Quality Improvement, Virginia Commonwealth University

"SAM is an extremely effective software tool...antibiotic compliance has jumped to over 99% and stayed that way...SAM has achieved something previously unheard of in the medical field- 1:1000 reliability."

Dr. Alan Artru, Former Chief of Anesthesia, University of Washington Medical Center

"SAM improves quality of care by providing insightful, real-time, protocol guidance for glucose management, antibiotic administration, and PONV prophylaxis. The decision support by SAM has also led to better revenue capture and significant improvement in documentation accuracy. The messages are accurate, relevant and non-intrusive. I strongly recommend SAM to other institutions that use AIMS."

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