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Perioperative AI Data Platform


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Maximizing Income and Improving Surgical Outcomes

What is Perioperative AI Data Platform?


Perioperative AI data platform is a real-time data system that interfaces directly with the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and ancillary system. Utilizing proprietary data engineering algorithms the platform provides a unified source of end to end, high quality perioperative data in real-time. The flexible platform supports an expandable suite of AI and cognitive science applications and data reporting tools to improve perioperative quality, revenue, and efficiency.

Why do customers use it?

  • Real-time data

  • Integrated data structure

  • High quality data

  • AI enabled

  • Supports real-time solutions

Platform Highlights

  • Real-time EMR and ancillary data

  • Integrates data from multiple sources

  • High quality data through data engineering

  • Leverages AI/cognitive science solutions

  • Allows real-time data reporting

  • Provides flexibility to add specialty data & applications

Platform Technology

  • Proprietary direct interface to EMR systems

  • Proprietary data cleansing algorithms

  • Cloud based

  • Structural flexibility to expand

  • AI-enabled

  • Secure and HIPAA complaint

Perioperative AI platform leverages real-time solutions

“ ….. Perioperative AI data platform makes available end to end perioperative data in real-time, facilitating real-time data insight and interventions. Providing high quality data it supports AI-driven intelligent systems that improve revenue, quality of care, and efficiency .….."

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