PeriOp RevMax


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Maximizing Income and Improving Surgical Outcomes

What is PeriOp RevMax?


OR to AR Revenue Cycle Automation Real time..

PeriOp RevMax is a suite of intelligent solutions that automates revenue cycle from Operative room to the Account Receivables. It employs real-time, point of care technology to ensure complete charge capture. AI driven process automation accelerate charge submission, facilitate accurate coding and offer full automation real time. The system will enable you to monitor charge capture to Account receivables fully transparently real time.

Why do customers use it?

  • Better revenue capture

  • AR accelerated

  • Fewer Amendments

  • Better compliance

  • Accurate billing

  • Efficient billing process

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Better revenue capture and compliance

  • Point of care assistance for charge capture

  • Helps improve documentation accuracy

  • Ensures compliant documentation

  • Timely finalization of records

  • Captures quality data for MACRA/MIPS

Accurate and faster billing

  • AI for optimal billing

  • Complete capture of billable items

  • Automated checks of billing rules

  • Assistive intelligence to improve billing accuracy

  • Data automation to improve efficiency